Terrified woman calls police after finding huge snake slithering through her UK kitchen

A terrified woman called the police after finding a snake slithering its way around her kitchen.

Officers headed to the home in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, in Scotland, where they found the native corn snake which an expert believes had probably become active with the warmer weather following hibernation.

The slippery customer was eventually removed by police last weekend, and later picked up by a vet, Lanarkshire Live reports.

Inspector Kevin Miller said: “It was a bit of an unusual call.

“However, the cops did well and managed to remove the snake, which was trapped behind a kitchen cupboard, and then brought it back to the office, where a vet came out and took it away.”

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (SSPCA) advice for anyone confronted by a snake is to remember that they are not normally aggressive unless provoked.

SSPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “Adders and grass snakes are the only snakes native to Scotland.

“They come out of hibernation in spring so the recent milder weather may have caused them to be active.

“They are not aggressive snakes and will only bite as a last resort, for example if they are stepped on or cornered. If anyone does come across a snake while out walking we’d simply advise them to give the snake plenty of space and leave it alone.

“While it is unlikely, if a snake does find its way in to your home, please keep a safe distance and contact our helpline immediately. One of our animal rescue officers will come and remove the animal safely, causing as little stress as possible for it and the person who finds it.

“If the snake is determined to be a native snake and is healthy, we will release it back in to its natural environment where it belongs if it is safe to do so.

“A non-native snake would be taken it in to the care of one of our centres until it is reunited with its owner, or a suitable new home is found.”