Mum with cancer given just months to live after missing call from GP over symptoms

A mum discovered she had cancer three months after her GP left a voicemail on her broken mobile phone asking her to come in.

Despite fears that Rachel Kennedy, 33, could be severely ill, her doctor never followed up the call.

The single mum-of-two had experienced abnormal bleeding in June 2020 but she wasn’t referred to hospital to have her symptoms fully investigated until five months later.

She had asked for a GP appointment to discuss her symptoms at the height of the pandemic but had only been given a telephone consultation due to Covid, the Daily Record reports.

Two months later in August 2020 after experiencing another bleed, she was given an appointment with a doctor and was tested for STIs.

Days later, her GP left a voicemail on her mobile phone asking the mum from East Whitburn to come in for an internal examination – but Rachel’s device was broken and she never received the message.

No attempt at a follow-up call was made by the doctor’s practice.

Three months passed by, and after another irregular bleed, she was given the devastating diagnosis that she had stage three cervical cancer.

Her dad Robert MacIntyre believes if his daughter had been seen when she first experienced bleeding, her prognosis would be more manageable.

The 58-year-old said: “We as a family feel severely let down by the system. We’re really disappointed.