Mysterious man suddenly appears in photo of cathedral leaving dad with ‘spooky feeling’

A dad of four said he had a “spooky” sensation when he looked back at photographs he took of a cathedral only to find a mysterious man appear out of nowhere.

Darren Eaton had been shopping to celebrate his birthday when he decided to take some snaps of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on his mobile phone.

The 38-year-old said that he thought little of the pictures, which he took while sat in the passenger seat of his partner’s car, Liverpool Echo reports.

He said: “I just took some pictures of the cathedral on my mobile and that was it. When I had a look at them later on they appeared to be routine, until I saw the man who suddenly appeared.

“The car was moving slowly and would have remembered if someone was stood there.”

One of the photographs shows the back of a man stood staring at the cathedral. He appears to be wearing a navy sports jacket and tan coloured jeans or chinos.

The other simply shows the front of the building with nobody in sight.

Darren, a dad-of-four from Wirral, said: “The pictures were taken in sequence over a few seconds. How could he suddenly appear and disappear like that. I have to say that I got a spooky feeling when I saw him. Where did he come from?”

Darren said he thought the man’s clothes were a little dated and said: “Yes people don’t really dress like that in Liverpool anymore. He appeared to be a bit out of time or out of place in some way. “

Darren said that he took the photographs at around 2.30pm on June 29.

He said: “I am not a ghost hunter or anything like that. But I don’t understand who this fella is and where he came from. Perhaps someone out there can help?”